Burn Body Fat With This 4 Gym Workout!


Do you guys go to the gym, but does not able to eliminate the fat from the body? If yes, then you could be working out in the wrong way. Just doing crunches or benching is not going to do much to shed pounds from the body. Here, listed are some of the workout ideas on how to burn as much body fat as you would if you were performing cardio.


Switch It Up

You should switch between working out your lower body and the upper body throughout the workout. It will keep your entire system working as well as lessens the amount of stress that you probably put on one particular half of it. Also, working out your whole body makes sure that you do not throw your appearance out of balance and helps you look healthier.

Lift Less Weight, Do More Reps

Weightlifting is more than just benching. Do more reps if you cut down the weight you lift that will help you burn more fat. Also, it helps to build lean muscle mass that means you get more cut than bulked up. To get more cardio benefits, doing more reps helps your heart get stronger.

Long Exercise Intervals & Short Down Periods

Your heart rate will undoubtedly stay up if you extend the length of time of your exercise and lower the amount of rest time that you take between the reps. These are known as interval workouts. The body responds amazingly with a steady high heart rate by using energy the way it works during an aerobic workout like long distance running or rowing instead of an anaerobic workout. The difference between these workouts is how your body burns fat. You should try doing 2 or 3 different aerobic workouts that produce effective results. But then, give yourself a break of about 2-3 minutes before you go back to exercise again.

Eat Right Before You Workout

There are 2 schools of thought about working and eating as well as whether one or the second makes you shed weight quickly. One theory says that you should not eat before your workout while the other theory says the opposite – if you are going to hit the gym you should definitely have some snacks. The first theory says that skipping a meal stop releasing the carbohydrates from your body and burning insulin that helps to burn fat instead of storing it.

Besides, the eating before working out theory says that burning stored body fat burns fewer calories and will not help in losing weight. If you want to decide between these two, then you have to see what works best for your body. But, if you feel dizzy while working out on an empty stomach, avoid doing it. Also, if working after eating makes you feel cramp up, skip the meal.

It does not matter how long or hard you have been working to obtain the lean, chiseled and rock-hard body that you have always desired. Now, don’t waste any more time or your hard-earned money on those useless programs that leave you feeling unfulfilled and defeated.

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